The hardest mark to make is the first / by chrysa koukoura

The title of this post rings true to beginning a drawing as well as this blog post!
This post is going to show the steps taken to complete my latest piece of work.
I had a great time playing around with rose-gold foil and double sided sticky-tape. If anyone wants to make a sparkly mess, I highly recommend it!


double sided tape

I begin by pencilling in the main rectangular shape.
Carefully and accurately sticking down strips of my double-sided tape where I want my
gold-foil to stick. This tape is 3mm wide, much thinner than most tapes and is my new favourite material to use! I have experimented with using glues, but with a design like this with such straight lines a tape like this is much more effective to achieve the precision I'm after.
Each end of each piece of tape is cut at a 30degree angle so they are all identical, to end the stripes in a triangular shape. Yes, I use a protractor to cut the 30degree angle on a 3mm piece of tape. Twelve times. It's all in the detail remember!


black area filled in around tape

I fill in the black area before the gold-foil is applied. I want to do as little as possible to this area once the foil is on to avoid damaging it

peeling off the protective layer of tape before the fun begins

Once the black rectangle is coloured in, I begin peeling off the protective layers of the double-sided tape. Immensely satisfying! Once all are off, I'm ready to begin applying the foil! 

gold foil at the ready

I am using very thin sheets of rose-gold foil. You can get these from art shops or online. Beware not to have a fan on while using them or they will fly everywhere. I've learnt the hard way

gold goil applied

Foil sheets are applied on all areas covered in tape.

gold foil is dusted off to leave straight lines

With a brush, I dust of the gold foil from various angles, to leave perfect straight lines where the foil has stuck to the tape. The gold-foiling is complete.

drawing begins

I begin drawing the area I want to be full of detail. Compared to alot of my drawings this is a small area of drawing so didn't take me too long, I'd say around the 5hour mark.

final drawing complete

Finished. Theres alot less line work with the fine-line pens on this one but I really wanted to experiment with making the rose-gold the focal point. She glistens beautifully