Brand strategy  Melbourne

A brand is the most valuable asset for any business. It's what distinguishes it from its competitors. It’s what turns it from being a commodity into an entity- something that is worn as a badge of honour.

A solid brand positioning is a basis for all marketing. It’s what commands attention and allows you to compete against
the ‘big guys’ It is the reason why a customer gives you a sale.

But a solid brand is no accident.

It comes from an in-depth understanding of the context, the customer, category, and direction of travel for the market.
A brand strategy identifies the job to be done to win over the customer. How you need to show up, how you behave, what you talk about, and how you position yourself.

Once this is understood you can build a compelling visual language that will knock all the competitors out of the park
and win over the hearts and minds of your ideal audience.

I work with the guys from Sprowt to identify an ownable white space for your brand,
and the job to be done to bring your brand to life.

Start your brand strategy project

Here’s how it works
We start with an in-depth questionnaire and kick-off meeting delving deep into everything about your business and your audience. We call this the 'North Star Alignment' - it's how we begin understanding the vision for the business and where you see the opportunity.

From here in-depth research is carried out into your core target customers about their experience in your market, how they hear about you, and what is important to them to consider your businesses offerings.

From there this is where the magic really happens, where we define who you are, what you stand for & why you exist on the planet (amongst other things!) to show up to your audience in a way that gets you noticed, talked about, remembered and bought.
Chrysa Koukoura works in collaboration with Sprowt - an agency specialising in getting brands noticed, remembered and bought!

Carly Osman-Holme, director of Sprowt, has almost twenty years of experience working in marketing, innovation and consultancy.
She has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Coca-Cola & Nestle and now specialises in helping start-ups scale.

The reality is that 90% of people are not actively looking for your product or service when they come into contact with your brand or marketing.
So unless as a brand you're doing something memorable that builds an emotional connection with your customer, your brand will likely fail to exist in their subconscious. Carly helps brands, get noticed, talked about and remembered- so that when you customer has that need/want/desire, your brand is the first thing your target customer thinks of or searches for.
Stage 01. Brand strategy
Creating a solid, strategic and intentional foundation for your brand.
Your brand strategy includes:
  • An in-depth briefing questionnaire and instructions on collecting relevant inspiration and source materials
  • A 90 minute strategy call to discuss your business, audience, goals, vision for the business and where you see the opportunity
  • Research digging into your market's category trends, competitor analysis, and qualitative research into your customer. We can also carry out interviews speaking with your core target customers about their experiences of your market, how they hear about you, and what is important to them when considering to purchase or become a customer.
  • Establishing the following foundational elements of your brand and creating a detailed document for you to use into the future.
    • Research analysis - trends & customer insight in your industry
    • Development of your ideal customer profiles
    • Your Vision - why you exist on the planet
    • Your Value Proposition - the articulation of why you exist via the lens of what you deliver to the customer
    • Brand Pillars - the core foundations that the brand is built upon
    • Behavioral Principles - your DNA, which dictates how you behave and shows up to your audience
    • How your brand should speak & core messages

How much?

From $4860 AUD + gst.
Need something you don’t see here? I love a challenge.
Get in touch and we’ll strategise exactly how we can meet your needs.

Working with-

Destination restaurants with head-bopping disco beats,
mouth-watering meals and lip-smacking cocktails.
Boutique Melbourne beauty-bars in the business of making waves and raising eyebrows.
Vibrant plant-based gelato bars bringing the freshest most vibrant gelato to the streets of Istanbul.
Aromatherapy apothecaries delivering holistic therapies for the skin, senses and soul.

Businesses that are here for a good time,
so they can stick around for a long time.