Product & Packaging designer Melbourne

With product and packaging design we create a look that is positively dripping with your business’s unique personality and style.
Thoughtfully crafted to support your cohesive and recognisable brand.
This is how we create the interest and intrigue that gives your product undeniable shelf appeal.
This is how we make your product look as good as it tastes.

Start your product +
packaging design project

Here’s how it works
We start with a questionnaire, Pinterest board inspiration gathering and a 1:1 brainstorming and discussion call to understand your product and how it fits in your brand and the marketplace. 

From there I’ll develop three custom packaging designs considering every element you’ll need to make your product stand out.

Throughout the project you’ll be able to give feedback, provide direction, and ask questions every step of the way.

When we’re done you’ll have a complete collection of packaging and associated assets print-ready, ready to send straight to the printers.
"Chrysa’s packaging design has been admired by many and no doubt has resulted in both the initial success and repeat purchases."
"She will be with me for every next step and product and I continue to highly recommend her."

How much?

Product and packaging design needs vary greatly, with prices starting from $360 AUD + gst
for something simple to $3000+ for a collection of product packaging.
From a single wine label to a whole collection. And from swing tags to custom boxes to wrappings.
I’ll help you consider every possible element and create a custom proposal for your project.

Need something that’s outside the box?
Get in touch and we’ll create something completely unique to you.

Working with-

Melbourne neighbourhood bottle shops with great taste in wine and even better taste in wine labels.
Elegant tea lines with Parisian vibes and collectible tins too good to throw away.
Barrel aged whiskey creators with a look inspired by local historic bridges and masculine lines. 
Boutique wineries running a small operation but a mighty vision. 

For brands who want to make their products look as good as they taste.