Flourish Tea

Supporting and nourishing women through all stages of their feminine journey.


Client: Flourish Tea

Focus: Brand Identity, Custom Brand Illustration, Packaging Design

Flourish Tea began as an extension of a Sunshine Coast-based doula's business where quality loose-leaf tea would be sold to expecting mothers and women alike. They were looking for a complete re-brand and re-design of their packaging so they could begin wholesaling and expanding on their e-commerce sales.

I wanted to keep the soft and feminine aesthetic for the brand, yet help them stand out in a competitive market, awash in earthy and muted colours. We went with a vibrant colour palette that still embodied the essence of femininity, yet would stand out on a shelf full of teas. The logo and word-marks are versatile and inspired by the female yoni.

Custom brand illustration especially for the packaging show a figure in different stages of pregnancy (and beyond) surrounded by the specific botanicals in that blend of tea.

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