Seaz Teaz

Travel the seaz through teaz


Client: Seaz Teaz

Focus: Brand Identity, illustration & packaging design

Seaz Teaz is a tea brand that wants to bring the flavours of South-East Asia to their customers, wherever in the world they may be.

With two lines of tea, one for everyday & one for those special occasions, we distinguished the two apart with abstract and colourful illustrations of botanicals reflecting just that;
The everyday tea-line is represented by the happy & bright Golden Shower Tree flowers that are found all over SE Asia, and the luxe loose-leaf tea's have gold-foil detailing and the elegant, ornate Orchid flowers.

Brand colours are playful and bold, just like South East Asian culture and flavours, yet a minimalistic layout adds a sense of calmness. Minimalistic logo design that works well alone and with illustrative artwork.

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