Darjeeling Social

Craft Beers, Coolers & Full-Powered Indian food.


Client: Darjeeling Social

Focus: Brand Identity, Illustration, Marketing & Hospitality Collateral

Starting off as a vibrant Indian takeaway in Singapore during the height of Covid-19, Darjeeling Social cemented its reputation for Indian food with a modern twist. Post Covid, Darjeeling Social has flourished into more of a bar, a casual spot for people to meet, eat and wash it down with craft beers and coolers.

This identity evolved over the course of a couple of years; It started off as stand-alone logo & illustrative graphics to get them started as a take-away only business.
With their success, a brick & mortar premises followed in a square full of bars along the Singapore River; This meant a slightly evolved direction where alcohol and beverages played just as much of a role in their business as the food did.

I incorporated fun and vibrant custom graphics that felt suited to the bar-vibe direction the business was taking, yet still kept Darjeeling Social's original colours and some of the Indian inspired graphics too. It has developed into an identity that oozes fun, good times with a hint to its Indian inspired origins.

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