PIYO champions that time for yourself.


Client: PIYO

Focus: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Packaging Design

PIYO are Champions of MeTime. Whether pushing to the limit, stretching or healing, PIYO champions that time for yourself.

PIYO initially came to me with a simple brand identity that didn't quite feel aligned with what they wanted to communicate; and that message they were wanting to communicate wasn't quite crystal clear either so we started from the ground up.

PIYO sells pilates & yoga accessories such as reformer mats, yoga mats, pilates socks, blocks, pilates straps, etc for anyone wanting to invest in their workout or practise.

Their competitors were either leaning towards being very feminine aesthetically or very fitness/endurance orientated. As our target market was a combination of mums and busy young professionals, we wanted to focus on working out, is as much part of our mental wellbeing as well as our physical, so we wanted PIYO's aesthetic to be pared back, calm, with a minimalistic and refined aesthetic.

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